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About Cool-Knight

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Overmind - Zerg
Adjutant - Terran
Infested Kerrigan - Zerg
Jim Raynor - Terran
Artanis - Protoss
I like to Cap something real quick! I have dyslexia! Reading and Writing!

Hello All. You know me As Cool-Knight But my other aka should help!

My 1st SC name was: The-Gold-Knight in 2005 or 6

Then sometime in 2008/9/ Fox-Cool-1 Fox-Cool-2 Fox-Cool-3 Fox-Cool-9. Cool-Dude, Map-Make-Edit?

(maybe this will help) re-doing Aka!

2006: The-Gold-Knight

2007/8 Fox-Cool-1 (Name got close (8) so I made Fox-Cool-2 (later same thing happen!) Fox-Cool-3 became my main until that happen again, so I will come Fox-Cool-9 For about 1.4years.

2009: I became Cool-Dude.

2010: The-Knight 2011 or 2012: Cool-Knight my main. Forever to come now. Smile

[Yes I might have to still edit this!]

Well, My Real name is Shane. Gender Male. Far as I am going.

(About Site: Yes this is going to be like this forever! PLEASE ENJOY!)

Some info about me!

So I like Computers! (Soon in life I will be getting into more tech!) Hopefully!

Websites: Um 55% I love making them don't get me wrong! Just... Needed something Newer And fresh! Big Grin

(Meaning This, Forums!)

Little more about me. Games! Smile

I also like playing: Xbox360 Games: Such As Halo 1&2&3&4! Borderlands 1&2!

Nintendo: I have 3DS, Wii. SP DS.

And I have PS2.

No, I don't Have Xbox Live! :/ no money for that!

I am soon getting into game making! I post a link on my main page: When I am more into it, and when I make a game! (aka) App or Apps!

More will be posted soon! Thanks for understanding! Smile

(All for now for About Cool-Knight)

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