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SC-R Page. Last Updated: 3/20/2019
Hello and welcome to SC:BW:SCR Page. Here I will list of every tool for SC:BW(1.16.1) and everything for SC:R (1.18.0++ up to lastest!) :)
Note: This won't always be update to date, but the these sites will. :)
SC:BW Best map editor. 3rd party, but its also now office supported by Blizzard works on any version of SC:BW to Lastest. If you already have it. Just click check for updates and you will get the lastest if not just go to his website! :)
Starcraft W-Mode(Windows mode) Most popurl for SC:BW 1.16.1 It's a great tool for using if you need a windows mode. I know "SC:R support this" yes. Just hold down Ctrl and then press "enter key" = Windows mode. But this is for 1.16.1 if you still use it! It's great! Ofc 1.16.1 is still best but we have to move on. Download link here: 
Need more help/info: Go here: