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QnA Page. Last Updated: 3/20/2019
Welcome to QnA=Question and Answer. 
All things of Site/SC-BW and SCR/ADs/Referrals.  
Let us begin... 
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QNA For: Site.  
Question: Are you gonna keep the blog? 
Answer: Yes and no. The blog will be for something else, while this site is main and slowly updated. 
I might even put it on this 'www.cool-knight.xyz/blog' and have 'www.cool-knight.eu.org' move whoever go there come to here. 
Question: How do you support site? 
A: Ads and money. [Very slow... but not much... :( ] 
Question: Is this gonna be the new home of Cool-Knight? 
Answer: Yep! This is also gonna be home for my fan-page aswell. 
Question: Are the maps still gonna be on maps.cool-knight.eu.org? 
Answer: Yes for while, till I move them here. 
Question: What theme is this site? 
Answer: Space...And remember this is not Warcraft in space! Its StarCraft in SPACE! :D 
Question: Did you get a new host or just domain? 
Answer: Same host. Just want to move stuff here be easier. :) 
QNA For: SC-BW and SCR.  
Question: What is the difference between SC and BW and SC:R? 
Answer: SC=StarCraft. BW=Brood War. SC:R=StarCraft Remaster. 
Question: What's different with Free and HD? 
Answer: It is the same. HD gives you "HD stuff and allows you to play rank." 
Free allows you to play the OG SC. (Which is still SC:R) (Remaster gives you skin over the old.) 
It is like my Gif. Gose from old to new, but does not affect anything, something for SC:R. 
If need more help and info and what not...please go to my fan page here. https://www.facebook.com/StarCraftBWFans/
QNA For: ADs.  
Question: Why was there so many ads in the past? 
Answer: Just trying to find the right one...This one I am using now is the best and if you disable your ad blocker it would help site a lot! If you don't want to see the ads, but still want to support me go to website stuff. 
Question: How many ADs are there? 
Answer: Only 1 AD and that's all I am pushing. 
QNA For: Referrals. 
Question: What are Referrals? 
Answer: Visitors that come to your website from sites other than the major search engines are considered referral traffic. When someone clicks a link on a website or social network and is then taken to another site, tracking software, such as Google Analytics, counts that visitor as referral traffic.
Question: Are these legit? 
Answer: Yes, I only go with the ones I trusted and pay. 
Question: Are they all bitcoins one or others? 
Answer: Well I will have bitcoins ones and much more others. 
Question: What is the point of them? 
Answer: If you love my site and my work...And find something in my referrals and use the links it will support me.