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Hello and welcome to my <name> page.
 About Me Page. Last Updated: 5/5/2019
About me. More coming soon!

I like to cap something real quick! I have dyslexia! Reading and Writing! 
Hello All. You know me As Cool-Knight But my other akas should help! 
My 1st 1st SC name was: The-Gold-Knight in 2005 or 6 
Then sometime in 2008/9/ Fox-Cool-1 Fox-Cool-2 Fox-Cool-3 Fox-Cool-9. Cool-Dude, Map-Make-Edit? 
(maybe this will help) re-doing AKAs! 
2006: The-Gold-Knight 
2007/8 Fox-Cool-1 (Name got close (8) so i made Fox-Cool-2 (later same thing happen!) Fox-Cool-3 became my main un-till that happen again, so I be came Fox-Cool-9 For about 1.4years. 
2009: I became Cool-Dude. 
2010: The-Knight 2011 or 2012: Cool-Knight my main. Forever to come now. Smile 
[Yes I might have to still edit this!] 
Well my real name is Shane. Gender Male. Far as I am going. 
(About Site: Yes this is gonna be like this forever! PLEASE ENJOY!) 
Some info about me! 
So I like Computers! (Soon in life I will be getting into more techy!) Hopefully! 
WebSites: Umm 55% I love making them don't get me wrong! Just...Needed something NEWer And fresh! Big Grin 
(Meaning This, Forums!) 
Little more about me.. Games! Smile 
I also like playing: Xbox360 Games: Such As: Halo 1&2&3&4! BorderLands 1&2! 
Nintendo: I have 3DS, Wii. SP DS. 
And I have PS2. 
No I don't Have Xbox Live! :/ no money for that! 
I am soon getting into game making! I post a link on my main page: When I am more in to it, and when I make a game! (aka) App or Apps! 
More will be posted soon! Thanks for understanding! Smile 
(All for now for: About Cool-Knight)